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Criticism misdirected

Sun., March 8, 2009

Being involved several years with animal welfare, I have witnessed firsthand Chris Anderlik’s effort helping all animals in need.

Rich Landers, using her comments on wolf management to justify criticizing animal welfare organizations in general (“Nothing humane about it,” March 5), is a cheap way to publicize his obviously low opinions on animal welfare.

Aren’t we better as a human race than to justify inhumane treatment of domestic/wild/ agricultural animals for food, clothing or sport? All can be done humanely, if we choose. Sadly, most choose apathy. Animal and child abuse go hand in hand. In most cities, animal control calls CPS when children are present in an abused animal’s home. Father hits mother, mother hits child, child hits pet.

Without national animal welfare groups HSUS and ASPCA raising large sums of money, helping enact laws ending backyard breeding and abuse, local shelters will continue euthanizing unwanted animals at record paces. HSUS has had its share of problems over the years … so have many large nonprofit organizations. If Landers really wanted to focus attention on donated money wasted by nonprofit groups, United Way has one of the worst records, yet is one of the most revered.

Tia Rosetti-Mills

Newman Lake


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