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Don’t even think about a ban

Having nearly been killed on an icy patch of road years ago in California, I will go to jail before I will give up my studded snow tires. I believe they are right up there with sliced bread and indoor toilets as modern necessities, especially here in Spokane County.

Yes, I realize that they tear up the roads, but I am willing to pay a reasonable extra tax in order to use them. I think that safety of life (mine, my children and grandchildren when they visit me in unplowed Spokane) trumps financial cost every time.

So they have been outlawed in the Midwest; so what? In Chicago, the roads are plowed daily, and there are no (repeat: no) hills to slide up and down upon. Still, an Illinois state policeman, upon viewing our car from Spokane, told my son, “Wow, studded snow tires – what a great idea!”

Dian Allison