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Farm Democrats oppose tax

Yes, Democrats do oppose SB 5911, the one proposing to apply the B&O (Business and Occupation) tax on Washington state farmers. Democrats in rural areas of both Western and Eastern Washington reject this bill. The Agriculture and Rural Caucus (ARC) of the Washington State Democrats strongly opposes this ill-conceived legislation.

ARC has made it very forcefully clear to the three sponsoring urban West Side senator sponsors of SB 5911 that this bill reflects a total lack of understanding of agriculture, the industry accounting for 70 percent of Washington state income. Further, that the bill, notwithstanding possible good intentions (with which the road to hell is paved) of “taxation fairness,” is nothing short of “do-goodism,” inimically damaging to the way of life of rural, especially Eastern Washington, families and communities.

ARC advises our western legislative brethren of all political persuasions to move past the fog of the Cascade Curtain, open their eyes to the realities of family farming, and learn not to literally bite the hands that feed West-Siders. ARC has joined hands with understanding Democrats throughout the state and is actively working to defeat SB 5911.

Larry Ludwig

Secretary, Washington Democratic Agriculture and Rural Caucus

Rice, Wash.