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The ballot in hand asking for more taxes gives me considerable concern in light of the fact that the unemployment rate in Spokane County is almost 10 percent. I can vote for the school levy because it is a renewal of an existing tax. I don’t like the amount of extra money that goes into “fancy” for our schools, but understand that some upkeep money is needed.

As for the criminal justice levy, I am hard-pressed to support this tax for new buildings when there are so many vacant structures in our community that could be used for the purposes covered in this levy. One example is the large grocery store buildings that are vacant. Surely, one of these could be modified a lot cheaper than the cost of a new building. Why do we need a new evidence storage building when these empty buildings would suit the purpose for a fraction of the cost? I will vote “no” on this levy. Perhaps I can support it next time if the authorities give suitable answers to my questions concerning alternatives.

Clif Collier



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