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Incineration green-washed

Re: “From garbage to ‘green,’ ” Feb. 26:

So now it starts – the green-washing of the greatest single source of greenhouse gas heavy metals and dioxins in Spokane County.

This characterizes the hypocritical proposal from our so-called “green” mayor justifying the continuation of a technology that creates not only air pollution but contaminated ash for landfills. The attempt to sell this outdated technology as the “anchor” for a green industrial park is another sad disgrace, like the so-called “clean coal” boondoggles.

The article calls this the only one like it in the state. True. The others were shut down years ago for good reasons. It is expensive and unsustainable without government support.

That is the hidden agenda behind all the green paint here. I’m convinced that without the premium rates for green energy to offset the high cost of incinerating garbage, the customers will disappear and we will be free to look elsewhere. We need authentic innovative green solutions, not more smoke and mirrors.

Say no to this sham. Call your legislators today and say “no” to the subsidizing of air pollution and greenhouse gas or we will find ourselves “near perfect”? Not even close. More like “near pollution.”

Paige Kenney



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