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Phosphate-free gel unexcelled

I can’t believe the conversation continues about the phosphate ban. I have found the phosphate-free gel available in our local stores to be a huge improvement. Those little particles and clumps of undissolved detergent are no longer a problem, and the gel works just like the bottle says: “cleans to a sparkling shine.”

I can’t understand why Ken Beck (“Phosphate ban a flop,” Letters, Feb. 15) is using more hot water, more gas or electricity and generating more waste water to wash his dishes. My dishwasher has never worked better after switching to a gel detergent. I am actually saving water now as I can skip an extra step I went through to get the old-fashioned powder to dissolve.

I just wish someone had outlawed my space-age, water-saving clothes washer before I actually paid money for a contraption that doesn’t clean clothes.

Mary Goodsell



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