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Sun., March 8, 2009

The worst of recent times

This is in response to Bob Launhardt’s letter about joblessness having been worse (Feb. 27). Bob cites labor statistics over four decades showing unemployment rates being higher than our current situation. Unemployment may very well have been worse during those times; however, he is taking on a single issue and neglecting to mention many others that make this economic situation far more troubling.

May I remind you the values of our houses are plummeting at rates that we did not see during those times? Banks and Wall Street financial firms are getting buried by massive amounts of debt. Our 401(k)s are turning into 201(k)s, and as time goes by are looking more like 104(k)s. The Dow is half of what it used to be and is looking like it may make it to a third. Our state budget is $8 billion short and we may very well surpass those high unemployment rates when we take another look this summer.

Please do not tell me we have seen times that have been worse, because unless you were born in the 1920s, you haven’t.

Shawn Wash


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