March 11, 2009 in Letters

No justification for studs

The Spokesman-Review

It seems that the most convenient way to avoid a controversial issue for our state lawmakers is to ignore it. SB 5859 would have required users of studded snow tires to pay a $100 permit fee for these tires at purchase time and for each year the vehicle license is renewed. The Senate Transportation Committee did nothing with this bill.

The users of studded snow tires are a very small minority of drivers and the damage they cause to our streets and highways does not justify their continued use, permit fee or not. While these tires may prove useful on frozen mud or ice, they are mostly driven on dry roads where they will actually have less traction than the same snow tire without studs. This is because on dry pavement, these tires run partly on the studs and will not have as much rubber in contact with the road.

It’s time to get these pavement eaters off our highways.

Tom Starr


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