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Envision a bankrupt Spokane

Check out what “Envision Spokane” is advocating in their “Bill of Rights.” Consider the results if it becomes law – especially the last provision! (Comments in parenthesis mine.)

Residents have the right to: Equal access to capital, credit, contracts (without regard to ability to repay? Isn’t that what caused the financial/housing meltdown?); preventive medical and dental health care (Who pays?), sufficient low-income housing stock to meet the need (Who pays to subsidize the rent?); unpolluted air, water, soil, plants and animals, climate free of pollution emissions, and non-polluting energy (no car emissions or manufacturing?).”

Native plants and animals have the right to exist and flourish (cannot develop land with native weeds?); river has the “right to flow” (no dam or diversions?); neighborhoods can veto any land development project (“NIMBY” can stop any growth citywide); projects over $2 million must use apprentice labor for 15 percent (more restrictions on anyone daring to bring companies here); employers of 15 or more must pay a “living wage” of 156 percent of Washington minimum wage (already the highest in the nation! So cut employees or move to Idaho?).

The city or any individual can sue anyone who violates any of these “rights.”

Beverly Varcoe


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