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Residents warned of pack of 10 wolves

HAILEY, Idaho – The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is warning residents of the central Idaho town of Hailey to stay away from a pack of 10 wolves that has moved in north of the community.

Wildlife biologist Regan Berkley said the agency is considering hazing the Phantom Pack, which recently traveled south from Galena Summit and has been hunting elk and making kills a few hundred yards from homes.

“We are advising folks never to approach a wolf, to definitely stay back from the wolves; and certainly one of the concerns is with dogs and other pets,” Berkley told KMVT-TV of Twin Falls.

Billy Morgan, a wildlife photographer and hunter, said the wolves feed on kills even though there are people talking a few hundred yards away.

“These wolves have been coming every night and running elk off the ridge into the subdivision and making a kill amongst these homes,” he said. “This pack does not have fear of people. .”

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