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• Uncle Sam wants you to spend | Huckleberries Online

In the March 23 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday): “I Want You to Start Spending!” Daniel Gross writes about how we, as consumers, need to start taking risks again in the economy and start spending to help the recovery.

• HBO’s best of the Inland Northwest | Huckleberries Online

Cartoon: Goodbye, P-I/David Horsey, Seattle P-I | Roll Call: Idaho ranks last in congressional clout/Idaho Statesman; Washington 14th/AP | Miscarriage death certificate vote moves forward/Eye On Boise

• Remembering Dave Sanders | Sportslink

A lot of great athletes have passed before my eyes over the past five decades, but one of the more compelling was David Sanders, who 24 years ago set a single season Greater Spokane League scoring record - before the advent of the 3-point arc - that held up until the Adam Morrison, Josh Heytvelt era nearly 20 years later.

State workers’ rally: All-cuts budget would be disastrous | Eye on Olympia

In a scene replicated throughout the state today, a small group of state workers held a rally on the muddy capitol lawn today, calling on lawmakers to look at raising taxes to offset some deep budget cuts.

• Chadderdon: Buy only U.S.-made flags | Eye on Boise

Rep. Marge Chadderdon, R-Coeur d’Alene, persuaded the House State Affairs Committee to introduce legislation today to require that whenever any Idaho state agency, college or university, or local government agency in Idaho purchases a U.S. flag or an Idaho state flag, it must be one manufactured in the United States.

401(k)s: A reason to believe? | Everyday Economy

Have you stopped putting money into a 401(k) or other retirement plan — or shifted money away from stocks? Or are you sticking with it and hoping dollar-cost averaging pays off?

The Seattle P-I closes | Movies and More

In case you didn’t get to read about the final hours of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, click here. As my friend and former colleague Mike Guilfoil said, “Losing a job is nothing compared with losing a newspaper…”

Fun video: The GOP rapper | Spin Control

Something you may have thought you’d never see or hear: a White Republican rapper.

• Tuesday’s loose thread | A Matter of Opinion

Trying to think of an act more ill-advised than those officers celebrating Olsen’s acquittal. Stumped.

• No cussing | Are We There Yet?

Laurie Rogers, one of the members of the Parents’ Council, asked me to post the following information about math assessments for students.

• Left-handed presidents | Vox Box

When Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain took the stage for the presidential debates in November, viewers may notice both candidates scribbling notes with their left hands. Such a curiosity has occurred before: In 1992, all three contenders — George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot — were lefties.

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