March 18, 2009 in Letters

Verdict not a victory

The Spokesman-Review

As the article on March 14 about the verdict of not guilty read, “Several law enforcement officers, including Spokane police Officer Ronald G. Tille, pumped their arms in victory after the verdict. ‘You’re coming home ….’ ”

I’m in disbelief that police officers feel this is a victory. He leaves his car running unattended, legally intoxicated, carrying a loaded gun, shoots a man in the back of the head running away from him, and still is not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

The biggest issue at the time is “police bond issue fails.” Olsen’s little night out will end up costing the taxpayers millions and millions, by the time we pay Olsen’s back wages, his attorneys’ fees for two years and Shonto Pete’s civil lawsuit that he should win.

Mr. Olsen’s actions seem to me to be those of a criminal and not of a police officer. So the victory in this case was police officers can act as criminals without legal consequences. Something’s wrong with this picture.

Greg Bacon


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