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Defending ‘greenies’

In Rob Leach’s monthly assault on the left (Letters, March 22), his derogatory comment to “greenies” leads one to believe he isn’t concerned about conservation, and I’m guessing he’s far from being environmentally conscious. Believe it or not, Rob, there are many people who are deeply concerned about environmental problems – “greenies” as you so callously refer to them.

As far as the speaker of the House using a private plane, had Mr. Leach done his homework, he would have discovered that, after 9/11, George Bush ordered that the speaker get an Air Force plane, since the speaker is third in the line of succession to the presidency. Dennis Hastert, the speaker under Bush, used Air Force planes routinely, about every week, and Nancy Pelosi uses them much less. Her staff e-mails point out that congressmen who use Air Force planes, with her, will be reimbursing the Air Force.

Joe Speranzi



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