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GOP needs a few good ideas

On Wednesday, House minority whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., appeared on C-SPAN. A caller boldly declared that the country was becoming fascist, to which Cantor equated fascism to one-party government (how quickly we forget) and responded that the country was “finally waking up.”

I just watched Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., joined by fellow Republicans from the leadership, come out to point out their disagreement with the president’s budget and its substantial spending. They noted the impact on our national debt. They also stated that they had an alternative proposal. About that we were given no details.

McMorris Rodgers appeared a little nervous and stumbled a bit over her lines. Maybe her nervousness was from concern over the chutzpah of Republicans to stand before the American people, after eight years of failed leadership, and charge the new president with irresponsibility. If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable.

I agree that long-term one-party rule is a bad idea, for the country, state or local government. It’s important to have a loyal opposition with productive ideas. The Republican Party needs leaders who can provide that opposition and those kinds of ideas. I hope they can find them.

Bob Wynhausen



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