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Letters to the Editor

Sun., March 29, 2009

Greed vs. green

The “A” answer to the energy shortage is good-old-fashioned conservation, not just rechanneled consumerism. If we do the pedestrian stuff like LED lighting, insulation, sweaters (thanks, President Jimmy) and draft control, we can drastically reduce our energy consumption AND our carbon footprint. Even the shape of pipes in industrial processes makes a huge difference in energy loads on pumps.

Just like the economy, the key is in wasting less of what we get, not getting more to waste. If you’re not using it, shut it off. Heat smarter, drive smarter, eat local foods to save on transport cost, etc.

Start with conservation and add flex-fuel vehicles, alternate energy sources and smart design of homes, businesses and communities. We can fix this. It just takes a little change.

Jerome S. Dodge


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