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Green jobs good investment

Today our representatives in Olympia are considering rolling back the voter-passed Clean Energy Initiative 937, passed in 2006 because Washington citizens recognized the need for green jobs and a prosperous future. Our nation is currently working toward the creation of green jobs that will help us move out of this recession and guarantee that American jobs aren’t exported overseas in the future.

If our representatives decide to pass Senate Bill 5840, they will be reversing the will of Washington voters and saying no to the creation of green jobs. We need jobs. We need to improve our economy in a way that is sustainable in the future. We are in a budget mess, yet in 2008 we spent $16 billion on imported fossil fuels – that’s about four times our current state budget deficit.

Don’t let our legislators say no to alternative energy and green jobs. A clean energy economy helps us reduce that $16 billion spent – let’s put that money to work here in Washington and help out our state taxpayers. Please call Rep. Kevin Parker and Rep. John Driscoll and urge them to vote no on SB 5840, and no to exporting $16 billion of our money.

Daron Williams