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GU, WSU do us proud

Last Sunday (March 22) there were two letters I would like to comment on.

First is one from Amy Walker regarding the coverage of Patty Mills over the Cougars seniors and their loss to Saint Mary’s.

I agree with her 100 percent. Her letter hit every point right on the button and was well-written.

The second letter was from J.P. O’Shaughnessy about the Zags being overrated again.

I believe J.P. has written about the Zags before in a negative way. He says he has been following the Zags for years. Might I suggest he stop following them if he already knows what is going to happen. Hopefully, he is not choking on the page the letter was printed on because I do believe the Zags are in the Sweet 16 in Memphis thanks to the fine decision and shot by Meech (Demetri Goodson), not to mention good coaching from Mark Few and his staff. They did not call a timeout because they had already covered what was to be done in the previous timeout called by Western Kentucky at the 24-second mark.

I am a Zags fan and a Cougars fan (not when playing the Zags, though). I am also a March Madness nut and enjoy all the games during the NIT and NCAA tournaments (men and women).

Congrats to the women Zags for their fine season as well.

The community needs to be excited and happy when we have both the Cougs and Zags representing Spokane so well. Both basketball programs are coached by great staffs.

Without the Zags, ESPN would never have had a “College GameDay” in Spokane like they have twice now.

Wayne Schuh

Nine Mile Falls


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