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Ramirez cartoons offensive

Cartoons are a great way to skewer public figures. However, they can perpetuate deceptions and can be simply offensive. The cartoon referring to Nancy Pelosi’s use of government aircraft perpetuates a myth that tries to demonize her (Michael Ramirez, March 23).

After 9/11 Vice President Cheney extended this service to the speaker of the House because he or she is third in line to become president. Republicans have tried to make Speaker Pelosi into a witch just as they tried to make a caricature out of Tip O’Neill. This is destructive and weakens our government for no good reason.

Depicting Rep. Barney Frank as a pig is stupid and offensive (March 21). There are plenty of fat people in this country, including Frank and plenty of people around Spokane. Does that mean they are all pigs?

Barney Frank was handed a financial mushroom cloud by Paulson and Bush. He has worked hard to understand and explain this mess. He has tried to come to grips with it while Republicans have been squealing like the little pigs that went to market. If this were a high school paper I could understand these cartoons. We are in serious trouble and need serious journalism. Grow up!

David T. Webb



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