Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2009

S-R losing its heart

At what point does a newspaper become not a newspaper? Over the past few years we’ve seen The Spokesman-Review slowly shrink – in size, in coverage, in its newspapermen and -women. Now the Spokesman (which I’ve been a subscriber to for 35 years) has lost its two investigative reporters and its book and film critic. Among them they probably have a hundred years of journalism, punctuated by various awards, investigative work and critical thinking.

Can someone tell me why I should continue to support the paper, in its new, shallow, ever more superficial form? I’m serious; I’d like to continue as a subscriber, even though I continue to get less and less for my money. Would paying more help? If so, how much would it be worth to have Karen Dorn Steele, Bill Morlin and Dan Webster back? If you’ve cut out the heart of the paper, is there anything left?

Robert Glatzer


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