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‘Real’ people oppose tactics

I consider myself a “real” person and would like to inform Hal Dixon (Letters, April 26) that I truly have a problem with the Bush administration’s “approved” torture techniques. I would humbly ask him to ponder whether he would want any of our men or women in the service of our country to be exposed to waterboarding or any other “so-called torture” that has been described in the news.

If this had happened to any of ours, I hope that our country would be totally outraged. So why, then, should we not live up to our own standards?

Please read the Marine guidelines on what they regard as appropriate behavior. I hope that Dixon will expand his conversations to many more “real people” – including service men/women – who can better inform him of the realities of torture and the futility and inhumanity that it truly is.

Mary Naber