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Sat., May 2, 2009

Defend traditional values

Gay-rights advocates are articulate, intelligent, financially well off and have lots of free time as most of them are self-employed professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

This combination is hard for the average American family person to compete with on this playing field. They are too busy just trying to provide for themselves and their traditonal families, which built this country and, most importantly, our society as we know it. The family I’m writing about can be found in the Bible and Webster’s Dictionary.

Gay marriage advocates are in the minority but will not be satisfied with civil unions. They want their way or the highway. Like so many minority issues – and I’m not talking racial or gender, where we have made needed tremendous strides – I’m talking about issues that the majority of the people in this county stand for. These issues are being eroded daily by an extremely vocal minority.

Do I have an answer? Yes.

You, the majority, get vocal. Find the time and stand up for your rights. Let the world know we have human and civil rights as well. Even if as a majority we have to fight for them daily.

James A. Nelson


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