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Research first, then write

I am writing in response to “Rethink medical response” (Letters, April 19). I strongly encourage anyone considering writing a letter to do a bit of research on the topic before putting pen to paper. Since 1978 the city of Spokane has closed four fire stations, and it has cut over 50 Fire Department positions in the last two years. Reducing the number of personnel will only increase response times and limit service.

Who will be called upon to respond when the few remaining crews are busy on other emergencies?

Most stations in the city contain one apparatus manned by three firefighters. Firefighters are highly trained individuals, not just in fire suppression but a multitude of emergency situations, and more times than not arrive on scene before ambulance crews. I’m sure anyone in need of aid would want the fastest, most knowledgeable crews responding, regardless of the size of their boots or the vehicle they drove.

Rick Pennington

Spokane Valley