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Sat., May 2, 2009

What next, the rack?

So Hal Dixon (Letters, April 26) does not think putting someone in a box with a bug is torture?

How about pouring water on someone’s face 186 separate times in a month till he feels he is drowning? How about chaining him to the floor in a cold, brightly lit room for days on end? How about depriving him of sleep for days?

Hal’s discussions with “real” people must have been extremely limited if not even one had a problem with Bush techniques. Such surrender monkeys as Colin Powell, John McCain (who had “real” experience), numerous generals who chose to retire rather than be participants, and the Red Cross all found the practices amounted to torture.

There is not a scintilla of evidence that the practices were effective and saved (hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands – your pick) of lives, save the self-serving testimony of the individuals who might stand trial if their acts violated U.S. or international law.

If the efficacy of a practice is its justification, perhaps we should rethink the rack and the iron maiden. Maybe we could use them in law enforcement, too. Forget the Constitution.

D. Neil Fitzgerald


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