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Impressive 100 days

While it seems presumptuous that any president can be assessed by anyone in just his first 100 days, President Obama’s start may be the most impressive of any in modern times.

He is confronting our major challenges in a way that will shape our future in a more sustained and focused way. His combination of candor, vision and patient explanations of complex issues are a welcome change from past presidents of both political parties. His achievements are huge, e.g. the $789 billion stimulus bill, the projected budget plan and several needed policies to address the financial crisis.

His calm, cool and professional responses to what seems to be a never-ending series of crises are reassuring and give us confidence in our federal government.

Given what he has had to deal with from day one, his achievements are dramatic. In addition, he’s shown himself to be a devoted husband and father. Both the far right and the far left are discovering he is truly a president who is governing from the vast majority in the much larger center.

Mary Clark

Spokane Valley


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