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Sun., May 3, 2009

Integrity, torture incompatible

Regarding “Bugged by torture claims” (Letters, April 26), no knowledgeable person would claim that “attacks were prevented and lives were saved” by torture.

When faced with an order to perform torture, people of integrity will refuse to do it. There are more important things than keeping your job. Some folks have managed to figure that out.

Torture transcends politics. It speaks to who we are as a people. A nation of torturers cannot live up to the ideals of our republic.

Those who ordered and performed torture are highly defective individuals. They need to be prosecuted because it is the right thing to do and as a lesson to future administrations.

After these war crimes trials, we can move on to the prosecution of secessionist traitors like Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Arthur Seiderer


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