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To-do list going well

President Obama’s campaign slogan was “Change we need.” I say thank you to this intelligent and energetic new president, who has made the following major changes within his first 100 days of office:

1) Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

2) Expanded State Children’s Health Insurance Plan to cover 4 million previously uninsured children.

3) Signed a presidential order to close Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year (giving time to work out details for prisoner release and transfer). Plus it is now illegal to torture during “interrogation sessions” (a practice which is notoriously ineffective).

4) Extended unemployment benefits during this massive economic downturn with record unemployment.

5) Has taken the first steps to adopting some form of universal health care for the U.S. (the only industrialized country that does not provide this).

6) Challenged bank CEOs to stop awarding themselves outrageous bonuses when they have grievously failed the U.S. financial system. He has also demanded a stop to unacceptably high interest rates charged by credit card companies.

President Obama is, in his own words, “trying to change the direction of this ship of state.”

Thank you, President Obama, for working to benefit the majority of Americans.

Maj StormoGipson

Coeur d’Alene

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