May 5, 2009 in Letters

No smoking? No buying

The Spokesman-Review

I am a longtime “gentleman” smoker. By that, I mean I do try to be courteous to others about my habit. I use designated areas where they exist, and I do not leave my butts on the ground. I will put them out and carry them in my coat pocket until I find a proper trash can. Ask me nicely, and I will put my smoke out, at your request.

I have to say I am deeply angered by this ban in Riverfront Park, which we all know will soon apply to all city parks. I am not some mean, nasty person trying to give you all cancer. Smoke dissipates easily and quickly outdoors; any potential damage to others in such an area is minimal at best.

I feel it is ludicrous to leave “enforcement” of such a ban to anti-smoking citizen vigilantes. That is going to promote more problems than the law solves.

I am only one person. However, others might like to join me. I’ve decided not to purchase any products within the city of Spokane. I can get my ciggies, and gas, in Idaho and other smaller local communities. I can buy my groceries easily in the city of Spokane Valley. There are no products that I cannot purchase elsewhere. A few miles of travel will cost me very little. It is my time, and way to say, “no more.”

Walter Lane


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