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Tue., May 5, 2009, midnight

Sustainability plan harmful

Devotees of the Mayor’s Sustainability Task Force Action Plan (STFAP) seem to fall into one of two categories: Good Intentioned But Uninformed (GIBU) or Green Supporter with Ulterior Motives (GSUM).

After reading Dan Baumgarten’s April 30 letter, I feel he’s GIBU. Passing the mayor’s STFAP will not save a single species from extinction or affect the Earth’s temperature even one-tenth of one degree, Mr. Baumgarten.

Unfortunately, passing STFAP will cause some jobs to become extinct and raise the cost of living for every citizen/business in Spokane. Other communities that have already passed STFAP guidelines are realizing their mistake. Google “Economic Crisis Complicates California” and read the New York Times article about a business being slaughtered by similar STFAP legislation.

Worse still are the GSUM people behind the mayor’s STFAP manipulating the gullible GIBU crowd in order to quietly sneak in agendas that would not otherwise pass, such as light rail. We all want a better environment, but not the same or worse environment with the loss of jobs, increase of taxes/fees and destruction of our economy. Tell City Council this by May 8, and vote out mayors, council members and legislators who support STFAP legislation, every November.

M.W. Monroe


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