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Cruelty renamed still cruelty

Republican politicians justify illegal acts by giving them a new name or label, so torture became “aggressive interrogation techniques.”

That’s like calling stealing “aggressive borrowing techniques.”

What does it say about American morality if we only follow our principles when it serves our purpose? Torture is OK as long as we get valuable information. What if the people we torture don’t have the desired information?

The attacks of 9/11 didn’t just bring down a couple of buildings; they brought down our moral standing among the nations of the world.

We became our enemies by adopting terrorist tactics and methods. How would we react to Muslims leading naked American prisoners on dog leashes and stacking them in lewd human piles?

What if torture was used on our soldiers? Well, after watching terrorists behead a journalist on the Internet, we believe that anything we do is justified. Cal Thomas implied in his column (April 28) to keep our wartime acts of human cruelty secret. Just don’t leak the nasty details.

Republicans hold up the Constitution when they want to buy a machine gun, but seem willing to toss the document in the trash can when they want power, money or to justify human cruelty.

Pete Scobby

Newport, Wash.