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Reaction to task force shocking

This is in response to your recent article on the Sustainability Action Plan currently under consideration by the City Council. I was shocked to read that certain members of the Spokane Republican Party believe that this plan is anything other than a concerted effort by a group of concerned local citizens, citizens that want nothing but the best for Spokane and for this Earth.

To question whether or not government, another word for “us,” should play a role in protecting the environment is ridiculous; if not government, then who? ExxonMobil?

This plan helps to protect the environment, which in turn helps to protect people, businesses, communities, animals; these things are not mutually exclusive of one another. In fact, none of these things would even exist if it weren’t for the environment, which is another word for our home, the Earth.

Please contact your council representative and voice your support for this plan. Spokane’s already got a reputation for being backward; let’s not prove them right by opposing this plan.

Levi Hanson



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