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SUNDAY, NOV. 1, 2009

Local impact of Tuesday’s election begs participation

Washington state posted a record 85 percent voter turnout last year, thanks to intense interest in the heated Obama-McCain presidential race as well as the repeat Gregoire-Rossi gubernatorial contest. No such star-caliber showdowns are at stake this year – and similar voter traffic is not expected. Secretary of State Sam Reed has predicted a 51 percent turnout statewide, calling it “respectable,” which is to say on par with other odd-year voter turnouts.

Among other decisions that will be rendered in Tuesday’s election, communities in Washington and Idaho will be choosing local officials who govern the towns and cities where they work, live, shop and play. If about half of the voters take part in those decisions, about half don’t.

It’s sad that we would be satisfied if only half the registered voters participate in an election where they have the greatest impact.

For those who do plan to vote but haven’t yet turned in their ballots, the following is a recap of The Spokesman-Review’s endorsements for Tuesday’s election. The full editorials can be found online at 2009-election-endorsements.

Washington state

Initiative 1033: No

Referendum 71: Yes

House of Representatives, 9th District: Susan Fagan (R)

City of Spokane

Proposition 1 (Fire bond): Yes

Proposition 4 (Community Bill of Rights): No

Municipal Court judge: Tracy Staab

City Council, District 1: Amber Waldref

City Council, District 2: Mike Allen

City Council, District 3: Nancy McLaughlin

City of Spokane Valley

City Council, Position 1: Diana Wilhite

City Council, Position 2: Ian Robertson

City Council, Position 5: Richard Munson

Kootenai County

Half-cent sales tax: Yes

City of Post Falls

Library consolidation: Yes

City of Coeur d’Alene

Mayor: Sandi Bloem

City Council, Seat 2: Mike Kennedy

City Council, Seat 4: Woody McEvers

City Council, Seat 6: Deanna Goodlander

Spokane Public Schools

Director Position 3: Jeff Bierman

Director Position 4: Rocky Treppiedi

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