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Conservatives milk government

Rod Foss (Letters, Oct. 27) blames liberals for every socioeconomic problem we face while his side takes billions in bailouts after gambling away our hard-earned retirement investments. Well, I am a liberal, and conservatives stole my retirement funds with deregulation of the financial industry.

Foss would operate a conservative vending machine that takes an ounce of chocolate out of a candy bar and makes the packaging bigger. His view represents the notion that wealth is gained from legally swindling money from others.

You put your money in their vending machine, and worthless derivatives fall down the chute. Plus, Foss doesn’t want to pay taxes and expects millions in bonuses from us for his business failures.

Foss characterizes poor people as liberals who need taxpayer help for food and medicine. Well, his conservative side needs to explain the trillions in bailouts and corporate welfare. I don’t see some homeless person asking for a corporate jet and an outrageous bonus.

Foss’ America has citizens being denied health insurance while doctors and hospitals refuse treatment without advance payment. Republican health care reform is to collect higher premiums, reject claims and let people die when they get sick so they can make huge profits.

Pete Scobby

Newport, Wash.