November 6, 2009 in Letters

Morality of health coverage

The Spokesman-Review

Paul Swanson (Letters, Oct. 29) finds it disturbing when some people feel we have a moral obligation to get everyone health care.

I do not disagree with him, but what I find immoral is for health insurance companies to pay their CEOs $16 million to $20 million a year and deny their customers care for so-called pre-existing conditions after they have paid premiums. I also feel it is immoral to have lifetime caps.

I am happy with the health insurance that I have through work. My worry is what happens if I lose my job? To hear about 44,000 people dying in this country without health insurance or that the biggest reason for bankruptcies is due to health problems is ridiculous.

I am not so sure that government-run health insurance is the answer but rather what the Swiss do with nonprofit insurance companies where everyone is covered. The Europeans live longer than we do and have a lower infant mortality rate. Is it due to health care for everyone?

If you feel that we do not have a health care problem in this country. you will be happy with some of our politicians’ actions to protect the health insurance industry.

John Beaton


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