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The Slice: The Ostrogoths would have some cool all-black uniforms

We have the Ferris High Saxons.

And then there are the University of Idaho Vandals.

So what other Germanic tribes could be turned into sports nicknames?

I’m sort of partial to Burgundians and Ostrogoths. But that’s just me.

Your turn.

Setting the bar on jollity: “My wife and I printed our boarding passes for our return flight to Spokane in our hotel on Kauai,” wrote John Cambareri. “Just below the Spokane weather prediction and just above the ‘Fun for the plane’ Sodoku puzzles were ‘Spokane Area Fun Facts.’ ”

Included were the city’s population, the fact that it is in the Pacific time zone and one more supposedly diverting detail: “Did You Know: In the summer of 1889, a fire destroyed the city’s downtown commercial district.”

Said Cambareri, “Never knew Spokane was that fun.”

Light up the morning: “Why, on a really foggy day, do Spokane drivers insist on driving with just their PARKING lights on?” wrote Randy Ellard. “Don’t they know what the word PARKING means, that it is the opposite of DRIVING? Or do they think, ‘Well, I’m going to park eventually.’ ”

Slice answer: “My very first friend after moving back to Spokane in 1967 was Kay Sleizer and she is still my very best friend after 42 years,” wrote Barbara Keene. “It is always reassuring to know you have someone in your corner through good times and bad.”

Today’s Slice question: What most influences an Inland Northwest resident’s sense of what is or isn’t a long drive?

A) Montanans in the gene pool. B) Being from compact New England. C) Never having owned a reliable car. D) Marrying someone who thinks the Seattle-and-back round-trip is a sane one-dayer. E) Backside endurance. F) Grandbabies in Boise. G) Being 23. H) Family tradition. I) Other

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