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Five-point reform plan

My health care reform plan:

1. The feds design a prototype medical policy containing all of the desired fetchers, including a fair price for the premium.

2. Give every legal resident a medical voucher for this amount.

3. This voucher can be used to buy medical insurance from any company who writes this policy and can meet strict financial standards. If the company can write the policy cheaper than the amount of the voucher, the difference goes into a medical savings account, which can be used to cover deductibles or saved for retirement. If its policies are more expensive, the customer pays the difference.

4. Anyone not buying insurance loses the voucher and his right to medical treatment.

5. This plan is financed by a tax on Internet sales and a payroll tax.

It seems to me that something simple like this is far superior to the convoluted mess Congress seems determined to give us.

Jim Shamp



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