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From one pocket to another

“Government aid is like giving yourself a blood transfusion from the left arm to the right arm through a leaky tube.” People used to understand this truth, but no more. I see two reasons for this: People want to believe the government can give them what they desire without cost or consequences and the government itself assures us that we can have it all. A lot of persons these days don’t care where federal money comes from as long as it does not cost them.

Thousands lined up in Detroit recently for “free money.” A reporter asked one woman, “Where is this money coming from?” “I don’t know,” she replied. “I suppose from the government.”

“And where did the government get it?” “I don’t know. From Barack Obama.”

The reporter persisted. “And where did Obama get the money?” “I don’t know; from his stash?”

The fact is: The money comes from hardworking Americans who pay taxes. The government has no money other than what it takes from the taxpayer.

So when the administration promises health care for all without raising taxes and without borrowing, remember that the country is already trillions of dollars in debt and there’s no free lunch.

Alexandra Ockey



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