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Obama’s a talker, not a leader

The following quote about Obama is attributed to Lord Christopher Monckton, the former adviser for science policy to Lady Margaret Thatcher:

“During his election campaign one of his advisers said that he (Obama) regarded the U.S. Constitution as merely a piece of paper … and he saw it as a barrier to the things that the Left around the world want to do – and therefore they were going to find ways of circumventing it.”

Is this what the majority of the people wanted, or were they brainwashed by a professional campaigner and organizer who doesn’t know how to lead a country, only to destroy it? This man spends all his time hopping around the country, and world, at taxpayer expense, campaigning and airing his dreams. He keeps pushing for his agendas to be passed and “as soon as possible,” then resetting the date for the final vote, which shows he expects to have his way at any cost.

Many of his followers are regretting their votes after his first 10 months in office because he only knows how to talk, not lead. When will the rest follow suit? Hopefully, before he succeeds in ruining this country.

M.J. Brazington

Deer Park