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Passion missing

Please, WSU coach Paul Wulff, you need to show some passion.

It is obvious by his sideline expressions and actions he is satisfied by not getting beat by as much of a big score as expected. His appearance, primping, hair, glasses, etc., appear to be more important than the score. His passive appearance and total-in-control reaction seem very low key. His sideline reactions resemble that of a passive spectator, not a WSU alum, and especially not that of a coach who just got his head handed to him.

Attitude and competitive spirit is infectious and should start at the top. The coach should show he gives a damn and then expect his team members to have the same attitude – like coach Robb Akey at Idaho. Even the Notre Dame coach showed anger at his team, and it was winning. They then went out and got three sacks in the next set of downs.

The freshman excuse card is obvious. This is the Pac-10 and good players like to play for Pac-10 teams and coaching staffs that are in it to win and showcase their players’ talents.

WSU coaching needs to look like they care. The kids do.

Larry Snyder

Spokane Valley


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