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Thu., Nov. 12, 2009

Buy American for the holidays

This holiday season, do your country a favor and avoid buying gifts that are made in China.

I was going to write this letter 10 years ago but did not, and every year I see our trade balance rise with China. I thought maybe I could make a difference this year by asking Northwesterners to buy items made in the USA.

I am cognizant of the fact that this is difficult since we do not manufacture much in the way of consumer goods any longer. Humans seem to have this frailty to buy more and more for less and less.

But what we have done by this consumption is weaken our financial system and our country. Unemployment is nearly 10 percent today because we have exported tons of jobs to Asia. I recall Ross Perot, the 1992 Reform Party candidate for president of the U.S., saying, “You will hear the sucking sound of jobs leaving the United States.”

If you cannot find something for little Johnny manufactured in the USA, then make him something. Or just give him a large carton and teach him something about economics this Christmas. He (or she) will love you all the same.

Jack A. Abel


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