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Research support came upon request

This is written in regards to the Oct. 29 Voices Letter to the Editor from Ronn King entitled “Cancer research support lopsided.”

For the past 10 years, I have organized and run a golf tournament at Downriver Golf Course. This event benefits the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation. The Downriver Women’s Club membership has worked very hard. The members solicit businesses for sponsorship and awards. Many men are our strongest supporters and helpers.

We, along with many others, fought for numerous years to have breast cancer recognized by citizens and the media.

My point, Ronn King, is: It has taken a lot of years and much effort to bring breast cancer research to the public’s attention. Have you or other males in our area worked together to establish an annual event to benefit prostate cancer research? It would amaze you how many women would help with such a project.

Men we love and also friends have suffered from this disease and are never far from our thoughts.

Feel free to contact me for assistance.

Ruth Hensley


Gortsema, museum have much to offer

Thank you for the wonderful article about Andy Gortsema and his Lost Dutchman Museum. He’s beloved by everyone who knows him, and we’ve been privileged to know the Gortsema’s as friends for a very long time.

Andy was one of the founders of the Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buff Club that has been at our Interstate Fair for years and was founded in 1972.

Andy is so welcoming to everyone. We hope people will visit the museum soon and enjoy many wonderful memories that will come with it. We all love you Andy and thank you for all you’ve done for so many coming to you for help.

Duane and Helen Ray

Spokane Valley

Kitchen provided funeral assistance

I was delighted to read the article about Christ Kitchen and Kari Kelli in the Voice (Nov. 5). Let me tell you my Christ Kitchen story.

For my mother’s funeral in October we needed luncheon for 50 people, on short notice, without a lot of expense. I was driving down Monroe on my way from the funeral home and saw their sign. On an inspiration, I stopped in and inquired. I met with Kari, who reassured me all would be well. We were able to arrange a marvelous buffet luncheon with tablecloths and flowers, no problem!

The best part was that Mom would have liked it, supporting people in her neighborhood who do great things! I would enthusiastically recommend Christ Kitchen for any group needing a gathering space.

Mary Terhaar



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