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Thu., Nov. 12, 2009

Patrol community maligned

While I do not disagree with columnist Doug Clark regarding the punishment of the eight individuals who accessed college degrees via fraudulent means (“Backsliding WSP earns B.S. badge,” Nov. 8), I do take exception to his attitude toward the entire Washington State Patrol family.

The majority of these individuals are exceptional individuals. Individuals who serve our state with honor and human sacrifice. They serve without regard to their own safety, without regard to the costs to their families in worry and loss, but with regard for safety of the citizens of the state of Washington.

It has long been obvious that Mr. Clark is no fan of law enforcement, which is, of course, his right, but does he have the right to negate the work and sacrifices of an entire entity? I don’t believe so.

Has Mr. Clark ever stepped out of his car on a dark road and walked up to a car, having no clue what he would find? Has he any idea of the daily and nightly challenges these dedicated men and women face?

Of course not. His view is unfair, biased and without merit when applied to the entire WSP family.

Sandra J. Johnson


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