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Apply labels with precision

I happen to be in complete agreement with Mike Gross’ most excellent letter of Nov. 7 and wish to add the following: First, there is a true difference between corporatism and those who further corporatist interests and conservatism. Second, corporatists and crony capitalists make up a large percentage of why government interferes in the marketplace.

That being said, Mr. Pete Scobby (Letters, Nov. 3), to whom Mr. Gross responded, still had a worthwhile point to make: precisely, that it is too easy to call something “conservative” just because it is “pro-business,” as opposed to recognizing that limited government applies even to corporatist agendas as well. And Scobby presented very well that misnamed “conservatives” (crony capitalists) were behind much of the economic collapse by 2008.

Joan E. Harman

Dalton Gardens, Idaho