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Radical Islam threatens U.S.

Cal Thomas said in his opinion piece (“U.S. is blinded by tolerance,” Nov. 10) what I’ve felt like saying ever since the days following 9/11. America’s desire to continually bow to the pressure of political correctness is cause for alarm. Perhaps people are just afraid of being labeled as racists or bigots.

Following the shootings at Fort Hood, President Barack Obama and members of his administration cautioned against jumping to conclusions and causing a backlash against Muslims.

How many more attacks, carried out by Muslim extremists, are we going to have to tolerate before we wake up and stop defending these people? How many more Americans will have to die? Will you or I be one of them?

Furthermore, if there are truly so many peaceful Muslims, then why are there not more condemnations of these attacks?

Sorry, Mr. President, but I’ve seen enough killing to make my own conclusion: that radical Islam remains a threat to the American people, and it will always be that way until we stop being so indifferent to this issue.

Ryan Palmberg