November 14, 2009 in Letters

WV students did well by vets

The Spokesman-Review

Doug Carruthers’ letter to the editor (“Sacrifice and remembrance,” Nov. 10) struck a nerve with me as my husband and I had just returned from an excellent Veterans Day program put on by the students at West Valley High School. This is the third year that we have attended this program at the invitation of our daughter who works at West Valley High.

In his letter, Mr. Carruthers states that “most of our younger generation couldn’t tell you what day it falls on.” Next year I would encourage him to call West Valley High and find out the date and time and attend.

This program was started in 1998 and continued annually. Jamie Nilles is the teacher in charge but all the work is done by the Leadership Class and is open to the public to attend. We were greeted at the door and conducted to our seats, and the entire experience was one of reverence and respect for all veterans. There were speakers and music by the school band, orchestra and choir.

To me, the most touching moment was watching the veterans in attendance stand at attention while the song from their branch of service was played.

West Valley High – well done!

Carol Callahan

Spokane Valley

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