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Hearing help appreciated

It was a pleasure to attend a meeting at Spokane Valley City Hall, where I could hear despite my severe hearing loss. They provided me with a small radio receiver that was tied into the microphone system.

It had an inductive neckloop that gave me a wireless connection to the telephone-coil on my hearing aid, so I could keep my hearing aid on and get double amplification.

The sound was clear, as if I was very close to the speaker. They also have systems that have earbuds or headphones for people who don’t use hearing aids.

The speakers were very careful about repeating questions from the floor into the mike, so I could follow the dialogue. The city staff were very courteous and helpful.

If you ever need to use a listening system, contact Deanna Griffith at

It is a good feeling to know that our government is accessible to those of us with hearing loss, and that the city staff are so courteous and helpful.

Margaret Mortz

Spokane Valley