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Powder Highway Ultimate Ski Bum Blow Your Mind Contest

What’s better than unlimited skiing at some of the best spots in the Canadian Rockies?

Not much, really.

This is why Kootenay Rockies has put together a special contest to find the skiers willing and able to try their hands at skiing this winter.

The “Powder Highway Ultimate Ski Bum Blow Your Mind Contest” invites skiers of all ages and skill levels to submit a 90-second video why they should be declared the Ultimate Ski Bum, and why they deserve to have their mind blown by one of the most incredible winter destinations on the planet. The area includes seven ski resorts in the Rockies, Purcells, Selkirks and Monashees, plus remote areas with plenty of powder accessible only by helicopter or snowcat. All the areas are connected by one road.

The winners will be announced Dec. 1 and then will have three months of skiing ahead of them. Look for contest details and lists of winners at page, or at

“This place has long been a haven for ski bums from around the world. We’re sharing that adventure through the experiences of one person—the Ultimate Ski Bum,” said Chris Andrews, Kootenay Rockies Tourism. “No agenda, no job, just snow, mountains and a road that links it all together.”