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Letters to the Editor

Sun., Nov. 22, 2009

Reform eating habits

Being fat is expensive, and the CDC agrees. In 2009, heart disease alone cost more than $304.6 billion in health care services and lost productivity. Other diseases brought on by blubber include type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, cancer, stroke and stress.

Is it possible that fat costs the health care system over $500 billion annually?

So why are we still fat when we know better? Perhaps food is our addiction of choice. Corporations mill fat pills for cheap and glamorize their consumption. Entire television channels are dedicated to “food porn.”

At the minimum, food is overhyped: “This is the ultimate chicken picatta.” “Your kids will love you for making these mashed potatoes.” “I just made the best apple pie on the planet.”

In the shadows of these dining experiences, it is obvious that eating healthy disappoints, but only if you approach it in the wrong way. Instead of saying “no” to pizza, say “yes” to more vegetables. When you see a model biting a burger, question whether it comes with a side of lies. Is that biscuit better suited for greasing a creaky door hinge?

While politicians battle for reform, let us not forget to fight for our health as well.

Richard Sipes


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