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Thugs on increase

Sun., Nov. 22, 2009, midnight

I see where Oregon has reinstated the football player who embarrassed its program with his antics after a game earlier in the season. As bad as his actions were, the Florida football player who tried to gouge the eyes of an opponent was even worse.

It was tragically amusing when the Florida coach said, “This is not who he is.” Of course it is. We all saw clearly that he was deliberately trying to injure an opponent.

The Florida coach handed down a severe penalty for this assault. He suspended him for the first half of the next game against Vanderbilt – a real power. What a penalty.

It is an embarrassment for the Southeastern Conference that it did not have the courage to come in and suspend that player for the rest of the season.

Now we hear that the brilliant new coach at Tennessee has had three of his freshman players arrested for armed robbery. Perhaps he has broadened his search for his student-athletes to the prison system where he can find many thugs.

I suggest that teams playing Tennessee require all Tennessee players to go through a metal detector to ensure they are not taking weapons on the field.

It appears that most major colleges have recruited at least a few thugs for their football teams. I think all major universities should increase their academic entrance standards to eliminate thugs. If the colleges would require a higher standard of basic intelligence for entrance, perhaps fewer thugs would be entering. This would not discriminate against any group except the really stupid.

Ronald Garrett



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