November 25, 2009 in Letters

Wolves are optional

The Spokesman-Review

To whomever wrote the editorial from the Wenatchee World (Nov. 17): Wolves are optional.

You are correct, they are here due to migration from Yellowstone; and now the states are forced to find ways to manage them despite the fact that they did not want them; all the while being hampered by the federal government to observe the Endangered Species Act. Your in-your-face, deal-with-it attitude about this is appalling.

I suspect this was the real reason they were planted by anti-hunting and conservation groups to begin with, but this is now beside the point.

Your suggestion that the states compensate ranchers for losses is absurd. Our current state governments are wondering how they will budget for really necessary things like public education, mass transit and infrastructure maintenance to name just a few.

The selfish, irresponsible groups that planted the wolves in the first place should be ashamed of the trouble they have caused the states, not to mention being unfair to the animals themselves. Because ultimately the local citizenry will not rely on government to control the population of wolves.

Larry Wilburn


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