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Early stand favors Fagan

Envision Spokane/Proposition 4 just might be the worst, most destructive idea ever to grace a ballot in the city of Spokane’s 128-year history. I thought it would be a good litmus test to evaluate the 14 candidates seeking seats on Council in 2009. Who among them would have the insight and courage to stand up and defend their city against a genuine threat and who wouldn’t? (Two of the 14 candidates were already sitting on Council so I excluded them from my evaluation.)

Of the 12 remaining, only two bothered to speak against Envision Spokane before Council. Of the two, only Mike Fagan made it past the primary. What was so surprising was Fagan not only denounced Envision Spokane before Council but also organized a rally and actively campaigned against Prop 4 all summer. (Every candidate now is against Prop 4.)

If we can’t trust candidates to speak out against really bad legislation when no one is watching, why elect them?

Fagan is the most impressive City Council candidate I’ve seen in years. I encourage the people in city of Spokane District 1 to elect Mike Fagan, and everyone, please vote a resounding no on Prop 4 this November.

M.W. Monroe